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Cosmetic surgery after massive weight loss in Delhi, India

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After Massive Weight Loss

When a person undergoes massive weight loss through dieting or exercise or even through surgery which is called Bariatric Surgery, there is sagging of the skin and muscles as the fat which kept the skin taut has gone away.

The skin which had been pulled tight over the fat enveloped body is suddenly left to go back to its original shape but has lost its elasticity and is left sagging. This happens usually on the face, neck, upper arms, breast, abdomen, buttocks or thighs. This sagging skin and sagging muscle and left-over fat tissue can mar the way you would like the body to look after so much effort for weight loss.

Body contouring is the ideal procedure to be considered in such circumstances. Body contouring is also used to plump up and enhance too thin a body. Whatever may be the reasons for body contouring; to reduce, enlarge or lift, to get the ideal results and a successful body contour depends upon many factors such as age, size and shape of the body part and how much the skin-tone has been affected.

Body contouring undergone to remove fat surgically can leave some scars but most people do not mind these vis-à-vis the confidence they enjoy with a leaner, well-contoured body. After massive weight loss a single body contouring surgery might not be sufficient and there may be need to do multiple surgeries. A gap of several weeks or months may be needed between two surgeries depending upon how fast the body recovers and to what extent.