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Buttock Augmentation And Buttock Implant Surgery In Delhi

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Buttock Augmentation And Buttock Implant

Changing the shape of the buttocks through surgery is called as Gluteoplasty . This can involve both plastic surgery as well as sculpting the buttocks. Changing or correcting buttocks shape may be necessary either due to congenital deformities or defects due to trauma due to surgery or accident etc. In such cases the look and the shape of the buttocks can be altered, enhanced or reduced by means of plastic surgery.

The main aim of this kind of plastic surgery is to give the correct shape and curve to the buttocks and also to provide the cushioning effect which is the primary function of the buttocks making it comfortable to sit. In sex change operations, the man who has changed to woman needs to alter the contours of the buttocks to look more feminine and the woman turned man needs to have leaner and less contoured buttocks. This can be achieved by Gluteoplasty.

In case of congenital deformity or that caused by accidents, a chunk of the buttock cheek may be missing or misshaped. In these cases also Gluteoplasty plays an important part in restoring the buttocks to normal or near normal shape so that the person can lead a normal life.

Sometimes bringing the buttocks to a desired shape and size involves multiple procedures such as liposuction, lipo-sculpture along with the plastic surgery procedure. The skill and the experience of the surgeon is of prime importance to decide on the best course of action.