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Cheek Augmentation And Cheek surgery In Delhi

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Cheek Augmentation

Cheek surgery for cosmetic reasons is done usually to reduce the cheek fat and give a slimmer look and more defined facial features. Chubby cheeks look very endearing in kids but as one grows older these fat and rounded cheeks makes the person self conscious. Many times cheek fat makes the face look round and fat which makes the person seem fat although he or she may not be overweight.

Chubby cheeks are caused by “buccal” fat or fat pads that are deposited in the lower part of the cheeks. Cosmetic Cheek surgery involves removal of this excess fat so that the cheeks become slimmer and the jaw line becomes more defined. Chubby or chipmunk cheeks can be there because of many reasons. Overweight is one, genetic predisposition to buccal fat is another.

If the excess cheek fat is because of obesity then losing weight could reduce the chubby cheeks rather than cheek surgery. Also it is important to consider age of the person; as one grows older the cheek fat usually reduces giving a leaner look, hence cheek surgery now can perhaps make one look gaunt and hollow cheeked as age advances. If there is a genetic propensity for chubby cheeks which can be determined by observing the parents and siblings, cheek surgery is a good option to reduce cheek fat.

Cosmetic cheek surgery is performed under general anesthesia and takes ten days to a fortnight to get over. Post –operative care is also very important as the incisions are made inside the mouth and there are sutures which close the wound. Also it is important to remember that if one puts on a lot of weight again, buccal fat will again accumulate and give you chubby cheeks.