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Chin Augmentation And Chin Correction Surgery in delhi

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Chin Augmentation

People with weak jaw line or with a receding chin can now get a chin implant to give a more distinguished look. Chin implant can be done along with strengthening the jaw if the person is also experiencing a weak bite. A receding chin can be corrected by a Cosmetic Surgical procedure and a chin implant of the shape and size required is inserted so that the profile of the person becomes more attractive.

Chin augmentation is called Genioplasty in the medical lingo and is one of the most common cosmetic surgery done on the face along with Nose correction or Rhinoplasty.

Chin augmentation using a chin implant is a safe surgical procedure that can involves creation of a pocket in the soft tissue of the chin and inserting an implant of appropriate size and shape. The implant is usually made of silicone which is an insert and sterile material. The chin is kept in a bandaged state that supports the chin for about a week or ten days.

A chin implant is considered after ascertaining that the chin is really receding. A chin is considered normal if it extends about three to four fingers below the lower lip. The side profile of the person should show a projection of the chin out of the lip line. It is important for the person himself to feel the need for chin augmentation because chin implant does not serve any other purpose than cosmetic.

The size and the shape of the implant depends completely on the person choice and wish of how one wants his appearance to change, however, there is one requirement to be able to do a chin augmentation operation. There must be bone where the implant can rest.

Care should be taken that the chin augmentation surgery actually creates harmony in the facial features and makes the person look better and feel more confident.