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Dimple Creation

Dimpled cheeks are considered a sign of beauty and many women would love to have them on both or at least one cheek. Dimples were once considered a blessing which along with other good looks can make a person look really beautiful. Now, even if you are not blessed with this beauty feature by nature, it is possible to create dimples on your face through surgery.

Creating dimples is a cosmetic surgery that can be performed under local anesthesia and the patient can go home on the very same day hence this can be considered to be minor surgery. however, since it is surgery that will make a direct impact on the face and alter the way you will appear, a skilled cosmetic surgeon can only perform this operation.

Dimples can be created on one cheek or on both cheeks but it is advisable to create an artificial dimple on one cheek only as the exact symmetry might not be maintained and the dimples can be differently placed on both cheeks and the whole effect might not be as attractive as expected.

Many times the dimple creation procedure is clubbed with other facial cosmetic surgery procedures such as Rhinoplasty and /or chin and lip augmentation. The procedure itself is simple and there is no external incision on the cheek hence the problem of scars and incision marks is eliminated. the only thing to remember is that, after the operation there will be a dimple that is visible even when you are not smiling. For about 8 to 10 weeks there will be a continuous dimple A natural looking dimple that appears when smiling and which disappears when you stop smiling develops only over a period of time.