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Cosmetic Ear Surgery in Delhi

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Ear Surgery

Badly shaped ears or protruding ears or even ears that have been disfigured in an accident or at birth can be corrected with ear surgery called as Otoplasty. This surgery deals with improvement in the way your ears look, the way they are positioned and their proportion with the rest of the face. Some congenital defects of the ear such as deformed or under developed ears can also be corrected by plastic surgery of the ears.

Cosmetic ear surgery that changes the de-shaped ears and makes them proportional and balanced can make a big difference in the self esteem and confidence of a person.

Although the main function of the ears is to allow you to hear, the presence of the pair on each side of the face has a great impact on the way you look.

Thus cosmetic ear surgery is essential if the ears are disproportionally large. This condition is medically termed as Macrotia and although it does not occur frequently, it needs to be corrected whenever it occurs. Cosmetic ear surgery is also required if one or both ears protrude at different angles. Ear surgery can change the angle at which the ears protrude and give a symmetrical look.

Cosmetic ear surgery can be carried out on children, teenagers or adults as the condition demands care should be taken that the candidate should be more than five ears old and in a healthy state. Cosmetic ear surgery is not related to medical treatment of hearing loss. Surgery or other treatment for hearing loss is quite separate from cosmetic ear surgery and serves different purposes altogether.

Candidates who are healthy, who are not presently having infections of the ear and who are non smokers can take advantage of this corrective surgery to look and feel better.