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Fat Injection Procedure and Fat Grafting Treatments in Delhi

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Fat Injection

Fat Injection is used in Cosmetic surgery to increase the volume of an area that requires to be enhanced. In this procedure, fat is taken out from one place and injected back in another place of the same person. This procedure is also called as fat grafting and is being increasingly popular because of its superior performance and less side effects as compared to similar methods.

The procedure for fat grafting involves a complete evaluation of the candidate’s health before the procedure is undertaken. The fat grafting may be done under local anesthesia or general anesthesia depending upon what the surgeon deems appropriate. Fat is then suctioned from the area previously ascertained by means of a special cannula. After a sufficient quantity is extracted, it is centrifuged to remove impurities and then injected in the area that requires augmentation. It takes about 2- 3 weeks for the swelling associated with the procedure goes down and the results are observed. This procedure may have to be repeated several times to reach the expected goal. The surgeon and the candidate need to discuss the procedure and come to a consensus regarding the end result of this procedure.

Fat Injection or grafting is carried out by a qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeon and certain complications might arise if the procedure is not carried out competently.

Fat Injection is carried out only on those people who are after evaluation are found to be fit and healthy and requiring this procedure. Diabetics, those with bleeding disorders and smokers are not good candidates for this procedure.

Advantages of Fat Injection

The popularity of fat injection or grafting is on the rise because of a number of reasons. The body accepts its own fat as a filler in a much better way than any other filler. Fat is also ideal as a filler since it gives a natural appearance to the curves and contours created in cosmetic surgery.