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Treatment of Gummy Smile In Delhi

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Treatment of Gummy Smile

Many a times a lovely smile is marred by too much of the gums being shown because ideally the smile should not show any gums or the least amount of gums should be on view. Many do not like this display of gum tissue and become very conscious whilst smiling or refrain from smiling at all. It will be a great relief to know that it is possible now to aesthetically correct a gummy smile.

The physiological reasons of why one has a gummy smile are many. Excess gum tissue could be displayed because the teeth have not erupted correctly. In this case, the teeth could be covered with excess gums and appear short. Another reason could be that the muscles that move the upper lip could be more active than normal and cause the upper lip to rise higher than they should thus exposing the gum tissue. The way the development of the upper jaw bone took place could also give a gummy smile. Other factors that could cause a gummy smile could be the size and shape of the lips, the shape and size of the teeth and the size of the is also important to determine whether the condition is affecting only the aesthetics or your health as well.

In any case, the cosmetic dentist or a specialist such as an oral surgeon or a periodontist will be able to give the right advice after proper examination and evaluation of the case.

There are many surgical and non - treatments available to correct the defect of a gummy smile. Depending on the clinical condition a gummy smile can be treated by non-surgical treatments such as laser treatment, Botox treatment, Orthodontics such as braces and crown lengthening, apart from the surgical treatment such as Sculpting of the gums and maxillofacial surgery.

Many Periodontist feel that crown lengthening procedures are beneficial as they increase comfort and confidence when smiling, eating and speaking and also improvehealth of the gum tissue.

The best non- surgical way to treat a gummy smile is the laser removal of the excess gum tissue. In addition, some Botox can be injected under the nose around the muscles that raise the upper lip. This will prevent the upper lip from raising too much when you smile.

Laser treatment is very quick and non -surgicalmethod to combat the problem of gummy smile. The laser is used to create the right contours to the gum line and to decrease the length of the gums. This treatment in conjuction with Theraputic Botox will maintain the aesthetics of the smile.