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Treatment of Hollow Cheeks In Delhi

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Treatment of Hollow Cheeks

Hollowing of cheeks is a natural process that progresses with age and is accelerated with weight loss and other reasons such as illness and facial surgery. Getting back the volume of the cheeks is one of the ways to get a more youthful look. The thinning of the cheek pads or the fat in the cheek region is responsible for this hollow cheeked look.

Since cheeks are important features that can make or mar the beauty of the face, putting the volume back in the cheeks is an important cosmetic concern. There are many surgical and non- surgical methods by which this can be achieved. Face lift, mini face lift can be some of the options, fat grafting can be another surgical option. Filler injections can be an important non-surgical option.

Many types of fillers are used for this purpose successfully. Some of the injectable fillers are Radiesse, hyaluronic acid products and some other agents such as Juvederm UltraPlus and Perlane

Many cosmetic surgeons find a combination of surgical and Non-Surgical procedures to be ideally suited to give the best treatment for Hollow Cheeks.