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Breast Augmentation With Fat Injection In Delhi

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Breast Augmentation with Fat Injection

Breasts can be enlarged by two methods; by breast implants or by injecting the patient’s own fat in the breast tissue. Since breast transplants are alien material which are synthetic in nature, breast augmentation by the breast implant method involves more risk that augmentation by fat injection since the fat is harvested from the same person.

This new technique of grafting fat by removal of fat from the same person who needs breast augmentation has been developed and practiced since a long time and now is a tried and tested method. This Cosmetic Surgery is done in two parts; the first part involves the harvesting of fat from the patient’s body and the second part deals with injecting the fat in the breast tissue.

There are many reasons why this Cosmetic Surgery procedure is selected over other breast augmentation methods. Many times after Cosmetic surgery such as Breast Reduction or even after Breast Augmentation by means of surgical implants, the shape of the breasts is not as desired. In such cases Breast Augmentation by fat injection can help to reshape the breasts and make the shape look natural. Special instruments have been developed to perform both parts of the surgery. Even after mastectomy which involves the complete or partial removal of the breasts or if the silicon or saline filled implants are causing indentation or a rippling effect, this surgery; Breast Augmentation by fat injection can be carried out to get the size and shape of the breasts as desired.

Fat injection augmentation is better than implant augmentation because of the following reasons:
  • Fat that is injected is natural and causes no reaction or adverse effect since it is from the body of the same patient.
  • Removal of fat from the part of the body where there is excess fat shapes up that part and makes it look better.
  • Fat is injected in such a manner and in such quantities that it gives a better shape and size to the breasts.
  • There are hardly any incisions in this surgical procedure which minimizes the possibility of ungainly scars.
  • Fat that is injected covers the artificial implants and gives them natural contours which makes the breasts look more natural.