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Breast Suspension or Breast Lift Surgery In Delhi

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Breast Suspension

Breast suspension or breast lift is considered necessary for women with saggy breasts or breasts that droop. The extent of the droop is necessary to be determined so that the breast lift surgery can be considered.

Breasts are considered to be mildly droopy if the nipples droop to the level of the line that the breast makes with the body or the breast crease.

There is no need of a breast lift in this case.

If the nipples droop below the breast crease line, then there is a moderate droop and if the nipples are far below the breast crease and point to the feet then there is a severe droop which can only be corrected by means of breast lift surgery.

While breast implants may also be considered for droopy breasts, it is important to first get a breast lift and then breast augmentation or the implants just will not serve the purpose of making the breasts better in appearance.

There are however many points to consider when taking a decision about breast lift surgery.

The cosmetic adverse effects of Breast lift surgery are the scars that mar the appearance of the breasts. Scars may be evident around the nipples and from the nipples to the breast crease. The amount of scarring depends on the extent of the droop. But scars may fade gradually over time and that is why many women opt for this cosmetic surgery procedure to enhance their looks.

Other points to consider are that this is a surgical procedure carried out under general anesthesia. The surgery will take about one to two hours and there will be mild discomfort for a few days. Normal activity can be resumed in about a week and exercise in about a fortnight. The actual result can be experienced only after five to six months and scars will gradually fade in about two years.