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Male Breast Reduction Surgery In Delhi

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Male Breast (Gynaecomastia)

In Gynecomastia a man experiences the growth of unnaturally large breasts due to the overgrowth of breast tissue. It can be caused because of many reasons either it is genetically or by hormonal imbalances. Mainly depends on quantity of estrogen it its high in amount it leads to the breast development. More consumption of alcohol or steroid intake is also another cause to breast development.

It is experienced in pubescent boys or older men. In older men when androgen generation is reduced it leads them to breast development. In many cases patients who are treated for cancer breast development problem is found in them. Over weight is also one of the reasons for breast development. For overcome this problem Gynecomastia is performed and the time taken in treatment is around 2 to 3 hours. A patient with good psychological state and who need treatment for physical modification is an ideal candidate for this treatment.

Surgeons advise to cut down alcohol or cigarettes for at least 2 weeks before the procedure. Patient is able to continue his physical movement within a few days. Exercise is continued a few days after procedure and is progressively intensified over time. Patient achieved better psychological state and diagnostic benefits by treatment of Gynecomastia. Methods used for treating it was as follows surgical resection (subcutaneous mastectomy), minimally invasive Gynecomastia surgery and Liposuction-assisted mastectomy in these methods different techniques are used according to the patients state and expected results. It is always good to clear all question about treatment and expectations from it. That gives a clear way to both patient and surgeon.